Fencing For Free Range Poultry

Fencing For Free Range Poultry

Free Range


Electric fencing for free range poultry can be a very simple and affordable system.  The most common setup is a 1 or 2 strand electric fence system.  Place the bottom strand of wire (aluminum wire is best) approx 6” off of the ground.  Place the second strand of wire approx 10 – 12” above the bottom wire.  Many people are surprised to know that just 2 strands of wire will keep poultry confined. Maybe even more surprising (and possibly more important) is the 2 wire strands will keep the predators out. 

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Fence Chargers

To energize your free range poultry operation’s fencing system a powerful AC- energizer (low impedance) is recommended.  Since the bottom wire will only be approx 6” off of the ground, there is the potential for grass and weeds to interfere.  Having a strong AC unit will assure continuous electrical flow is pushed past any barriers.