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ElectroBraid® High Voltage Insulated Copper Lead Out Wire

model #: UGCC200-EB

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  • Withstands 15,000 volts
  • 200 foot roll
  • 14 gauge copper wire
  • Use with Copper Split Bolts for non-corroding electrical connections
  • ElectroBraid® is Americas #1 Horse Fence - Safe, Secure and Simple to install
  • Service Experts Available To Answer Your Installation Questions
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ElectroBraid® High-Voltage Insulated Copper Lead-Out Wire



You get peace of mind when you choose the reliable ElectroBraid® fencing system. ElectroBraid® is SAFE, SECURE and SIMPLE. The ElectroBraid® high-voltage insulated copper lead-out wire is an important part of the copper-based ElectroBraid® system.

  • Use to connect ground rods together, connect the charger/energizer to the ground rods, connect the charger to the fence, to go under gates, and for all electrical connections between strands of ElectroBraid®
  • Provides excellent electrical conductivity for ElectroBraid® horse fence
  • Withstands 15,000 volts
  • Use with copper-coated polybraid splicers or copper split bolts for non-corroding electrical connections
  • 200 feet per roll




Solid copper connections?

ElectroBraid® high voltage insulated copper lead out wire is heavily insulated, with a solid copper conductor for the core, and is rated at 15kv. It serves as the connection that completes the electrical circuit, bringing power from your ElectroBraid® charger/energizer to the ground rods, then to your ElectroBraid® fence, between Braid™ strands and back to the negative grounded strand on your fence. Use with PARS-EB or ASPLTC10-EB to splice.



ElectroBraid Insulators Fence Post




How to run your lines?

ElecroBraid® high-voltage copper lead out wire is designed to be unrolled smoothly from a spool that spins freely—either suspended between your hands or from a vehicle. DO NOT take Braid™ off a stationary roll or it will kink and can be damaged. Use with Electrobraid PolyBraid Splicer or ElectroBraid® copper split bolts for non-corroding electrical connections. After you have installed a strand of Braid™, you can tension the Braid™ using the ElectroBraid® tension kit.



ElectroBraid Unroll Braid Correctly


Use Copper Lead-Out Wire to continue the current under gates



Standard Gate Wiring Diagram


There’s a reason ElectroBraid® is America’s #1 Horse Fence

ElectroBraid® fencing components are made to be durable and perform as part of the safe, high-quality copper-based ElectroBraid® fencing system. Use ElectroBraid® as a permanent perimeter fence or a movable fence for rotational grazing.


How much ElectroBraid® high-voltage insulated copper lead out wire will I need?

      1. Add the widths of all your gates together and multiply by 2 =_______plus 20 feet for each
        gate = ________. NOTE: If you wish to use the Winter Wiring configuration as explained below, then add the widths of your gates together and multiply by the number of strands on your fence =________ plus 30 feet for each gate =__________.
      2. Measure the distance from your Energizer to the nearest point on your fence = _________.
      3. Measure the distance from your Energizer to where your ground rods will be located =
      4. Measure the distance from your ground rods to the nearest point on the fence =_______.
      5. Add these numbers together = ______ plus a minimum of 10 feet for the distance between ground rods = _______. This is the minimum length of copper lead out wire you will need. Consider allowing for some extra wire for possible additional ground rods, miscalculations and/or changes in your fence design.


Winter Wiring Configuration -- Wiring for areas of high snowfall

Negative (“Cold”) Positive (“Hot”)



Standard Energizer Wiring Diagram



How to install cut-off switches for snow

Heavy, wet snow can short electric fencing. To prevent this, install ElectroBraid® cut off switches in areas prone to snow accumulation. If needed, you can install multiple cut-off switches that allow you to progressively turn on and off the bottom strands as snow depth changes. Wire your energizer as illustrated below.


The importance of installing a good ground system

Remember that proper grounding is critical to the effectiveness of your fence and safety of your horses. Poor or improper grounding causes 95% of all electric fencing problems. You can have the most powerful energizer in the world, but if the ground return is poor, your fence will not perform. Use a minimum of three ElectroBraid® copper ground rods spaced at least 10 feet apart. Use a "hot-cold" system, grounding the next-to-top strand of your ElectroBraid® fence. Electrify all other strands. With dry or sandy soil, you may need more ground rods.




ElectroBraid® Braid will not rust, rot, lose strength due to sunlight or weathering, break when installed as a permanent fence or prove defective in workmanship or material. Any reel of ElectroBraid® Braid that is defective will be replaced at no charge to the purchaser.
This warranty is in effect for 25 years from the date of purchase.




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