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electric fence, electric fence chargers, solar fence chargers
Zareba® has a large selection of quality electric
fence energizers to supply the power you need
to your electric fence.

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• Permanent and Highly Visible
• Highly Conductive, Copper-Based System
• Equine Vet Recommended
• Lightweight & Easy to Install
• Versatile & Economical

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High tensile fencing is an affordable, low maintenance
permanent perimeter fence that can last over 40
years. It works as a simple barrier fence or can be
electrified for greater effectiveness and animal safety.

All About High Tensile
High Tensile How-To Video
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Find out some key points and tips about electric
fence systems and their components.

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Electric Fence by Zareba®

Zareba® offers an extensive variety of quality electric fence kits, wire, chargers, insulators, and other accessories to meet your electric fencing needs. Electric fences are a safe, cost-effective way to contain horses, cattle, and other livestock, as well as protect your fields and gardens from pets or nuisance animals.

Installing Electric Fences

We offer kits designed for easy installation. We also have you covered if you need supplies to maintain, repair, or extend your electric fence system. Zareba® is the largest, most comprehensive manufacturer of electric fence systems in North America.

The type of charger, insulators, and wiring you need depends on the animal you’re protecting or repelling. For instance, containing chickens or goats, would take different types of supplies, compared to what you’d need to repel deer. Our Fence Planner tool can help you determine exactly which materials you need.

For your horse fencing needs, browse our equine fence kits, including the EZEE Corral, Kwik Korral and the Portable Paddock, and ElectroBraid®, which was voted America’s #1 electric horse fence.

We also provide lower voltage electric fence kits to help you keep your pet and gardens safe from unwanted animals.

Electric Fence Accessories

Electric fence chargers are also known as controllers or energizers, and we carry AC, DC (battery), and solar powered units. We also offer low impedance controllers for reduced battery drain.

Wires carry the charge through the fence, allowing it to hit the animal with a short shock. We offer steel, aluminum, poly rope, poly tape, and poly wire, as well as wire for use in high tensile fencing.

Insulators come in several colors, including white, yellow, and black, and are made from plastic or heavy-duty porcelain. These prevent the wire from touching the fence posts and losing energy. We have insulators for every type of post.

We have a variety of other accessories as well, including gate handle kits, testers, portable fence supplies, and more.

Design and Build Your Own Electric Fence

Visit our Learning Center to learn everything you need to know about electric fencing, how to install your materials, and more. You can also use our innovative Fence Planner to build out a design for your fence and discover exactly which products would fit your particular fencing needs.

Our friendly customer support staff is available to answer questions, give guidance, and provide the information you need to make your buying decisions easier. Give us a call today at 855-5-ZAREBA.




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ElectroBraid® Offers 25 Year Product Performance Warranty

Guaranteed not to rust, rot, lose strength due to sunlight or weathering, break when installed as a permanent fence or prove defective in workmanship or material, ElectroBraid products are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

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Copper Ground Rod Kit

NEW! Zareba® Copper Sectional Ground Rod Kit

This new kit comes with four 2ft. copper coated ground rod sections that screw into one another, a hardened steel tip that unscrews, making it easier to drive into the ground, an anvil and a ground clamp.

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