Why Choose ThoroughBraid™?

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Each part of an electric fence plays an important role in getting the whole fencing system running successfully. When it comes to selecting what accessories and which products you should use, we want to equip you with the knowledge you need to make a confident decision. With our wide selection of fencing products, we provide quality and durability. Selecting a fence line is a key component to electric fencing. So why not choose the best? ThoroughBraid™ Heavy-Duty Polybraid is a great option…and here’s why!

The Importance of Fence Wire

Fence wire is stretched between the fence posts to form the enclosure/exclosure. When you electrify fence wire, you can conduct an electric charge which will give the animals you’re keeping in – or keeping out – a shock, therefore enforcing a barrier. If your fence wire isn’t properly set up or correctly selected for your needs, the electric charge won’t shock or deter the animals, which could lead to a bigger problem.

There are many different types of wire to choose from, including steel wire, aluminum wire, high-tensile wire, poly fencing wire, and more. When deciding on what type of wire you need, you should consider:

  • Length of Fence
  • What animals you’re deterring or enclosing
  • Your budget
  • Fence maintenance
  • What other accessories you’ll need for installation

Electric fencing can be unique to the specific situation of an individual. Because of their versatility, one fencing plan can be greatly different than another. Be sure to evaluate your situation, needs, and other aspects that go into electric fencing before you buy anything for it. Planning is the first step of installing the fence.

The height, spacing, and the number of wires will vary depending on the situation in which you are using the fence for. Wires can be run in singular strains or multiple. The electrified wire will require insulators to fasten to the post. Insulators will be dependent on what type of post and wire you are using.

Check out more tips on installing fence wire here.

ThoroughBraid Innovative Technology

Zareba® ThoroughBraid™ Heavy-Duty Polybraid is a type of electrified fence line for permanent fencing. As a type of Polybraid fencing, this wire is a highly visible fence line that features stainless-steel wire. The braided design allows for flexibility so that the animal doesn’t damage the line when pushing against it, or so that additional tension added doesn’t break the line. The shock delivered by the fence acts as both a physical and psychological deterrent, teaching the animals to respect the fence.

Between the 7-Strand ThoroughBraid™ option and the 12-Strand ThoroughBraid™ Polybraid, you can choose which conductive, stainless-steel wire best serves your needs. The more strands in your line, the increased conductivity. ThoroughBraid™ is safety tested to ensure that the line doesn’t pose a threat to the animals that encounter it. It also is tested for quality and designed to last a lifetime. This line resists breakage from weather or stress, is UV-stabilized, and stays rust-free.

ThoroughBraid™ fence line is the perfect solution for horses or other larger livestock. Because of its strength and maximum electrical energy, large animals are successfully deterred and conditioned by this durable fencing system. It can also be used for rotational grazing, controlled grazing, and temporary grazing. Other advantages are:

  • More visible than other wires
  • Lightweight for convenient use
  • Easier to install, repair, and splice than metal wire
  • Won’t rust or wear down due to weather

Electric fences are useful tools in containing animals and keeping an area safe from predators. By using products that not only work well but also last long, you can get the most out of your electric fence – safety and money-wise.

Electric Fencing Needs

Zareba® Keeps Your Fence Running

Fence wire isn’t the only thing you need. An electric fence system has multiple components running at the same time to successfully work. Get everything you need from insulators, and posts to accessories, and more. Do you use ThoroughBraid™ for your system? Let us know on our Facebook Page how this fence wire works for you. To stay up to date about the latest products and information from Zareba®, sign up for our E-Newsletter.

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