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Controlling Critters and Pets

Controlling Critters and Pets

Nuisance animals and critters, like raccoons, rabbits, skunks, woodchucks and deer cause millions of dollars worth of damage and frustration for gardeners and homeowners.


They can devastate vegetable and flower gardens, shrubs and trees.  This can be prevented with the help of electrified fencing systems designed to control these types of animals.







Electric Fences for Keeping Out Small Critters


Rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, woodchucks and other similar nuisance animals often wreak havoc with gardens, flowers and shrubs. While each critter is unique, you can deal with most by observing the following recommendations.


small critters - fence kits

Zareba® Systems’ complete lawn and garden fence kits are affordable and effective fencing options. They include all necessary components—fence charger, wire, plastic posts, and connectors—to get your fence up and running quickly.


If you choose to purchase the components separately for your fence, you’ll need metal, plastic or fiberglass posts, insulators, poly wire or poly tape, connectors, and a fence charger and ground system.


Fence posts should be spaced 5-12 feet apart, depending on the shape and terrain of your yard or garden. Wires should start close to the ground and then be spaced 3-4 inches apart. Use 3 to 5 wires to prevent small, quick critters from jumping or hopping through the fence.


Containing small critters - rabbits

Because the wires are close to the ground, you should keep them free of vegetation or use a low-impedance fence charger.  A low-impedance charger increases its energy output as vegetation drains energy from the fence.


Note: For the critters that like to climb or leap, trim low branches that overhang the fence and remove nearby objects that would allow them to leap into the enclosure.


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Zareba® electric fence systems provide effective, reliable and affordable electric fencing to keep critters out.


zareba electric fence systems


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