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Zareba® Fence Doctor

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Zareba® Fence Doctor

model #: FD1
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  • Detects shorts — points you in the right direction with easy-to-see arrow
  • Measures voltage on any metal wire or poly wire/rope
  • Built-in belt clip for ease in carrying
  • 9 volt battery operation (battery included)
  • Large easy-to-read digital display
  • 1-year warranty
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Zareba® Fence Doctor


Having troubles finding where the short is in your fence line?


Our Zareba® Fence Doctor is an electric fence diagnostic tool and short locator.  It accurately measures fence line voltage and current (amps) and also detects shorts for you.  When it detects shorts, it points you in the right direction wih an easy-to-see arrow.


It has digital accuracy from 200 to 9,900 volts and measures voltage on any metal wire or poly wire/rope.


Features include heavy-duty ABS plastic construction, large easy-to-read digital display, built-in belt clip for ease in carrying, automatic on/off that prolongs battery life, and a 1-year warranty.


Zareba® is the largest manufacturer of electric fence systems offering durable, reliable electric fence products for all of your animal fencing needs.


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