Electric Fence Chargers and Electric Fence Accessories

Zareba® Electric Fence Chargers and Electric Fence Accessories

As North America’s largest and most comprehensive electric fence manufacturer, Zareba® prides itself in its role within the farming community. With a record of service that stretches back to the 1940s, Zareba® has developed an extensive catalog of electric fence products, including fence chargers for every need, multiple wire and poly fencing options, insulators for each of those wire types, fence tools to make installation easy and dozens of parts and accessories.

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Why Choose Zareba® Systems Products?

With its long record of service to the livestock industry as well as its support of the growing hobby farm movement, Zareba® is the trusted name in North American electric fencing. Zareba® earned this reputation by focusing on four key areas:

Quality – Zareba® products are the highest quality fence chargers and electric fence supplies on the market. Our products are manufactured with durability in mind, and Zareba® stands behind its products with a worry-free shopping policy and also offers extended warranties on certain products that have been properly registered.

Selection – Zareba® prides itself in helping its consumers get just what they want by offering a vast selection of electric fencing supplies. This is because fencing needs can vary by livestock type, terrain and personal taste, and Zareba® aims to assist the farming community in every way possible.

Support – Got questions about how your electric fence operates? Zareba® offers multiple outlets for you to get the information you need, including the Zareba® Electric Fence Learning Center, YouTube, the Hobby Farm Blog, its dedicated Consumer Care Team, Facebook and our E-Newsletter. If you need help or advice with your electric fence, you’ll be able to get it!

Innovation – Zareba® continues to focus on innovating and updating its technology while sticking to its farming roots. For example, its line of solar-powered fence chargers helps farmers working off the grid while providing a fully functioning electric fence to protect their livestock. By staying on top of the latest technology advances, Zareba® aims to meet your every expectation while keeping you prepared for every challenge.


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