Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, are common animals found in suburban settings. They love to ruin your flower beds, chew on the fruits and veggies in your garden, and dig holes in your lawn. Groundhogs can eat up to a pound and a half of vegetation everyday day – which means they can ruin your garden in a matter of hours.

If you have garden or lawn damage and you don’t know what animal is making it, here are some prominent signs that groundhogs leave behind:

  • Burrow entrances
  • Wide teeth marks
  • Four-clawed tracks in the dirt (front paws) and five in the back (rear paws)
  • Damage to grass and plants
  • Claw marks on stems of fruit or trunks of trees

A great way to prevent groundhogs from entering and destroying your garden is investing in electric fencing.

Protecting Your Garden Against Groundhogs With Fencing

Electric fences can help you stop groundhogs before they make a meal out of your garden with a simple conditioning shock that not only prevents them immediately but teaches them not to try to enter your garden again.

At Zareba®, we have Garden Electric Fence Kits that give you all the products and tools you need to set up your fence and protect your garden. Included in each of the kits are:

  • C Fence Charger
  • Reel of electric fence wire
  • Step-in insulated fence posts
  • Ground rod
  • Hookup wire

If you want to build your fence without the kit, you’ll need to purchase the same items. This can allow you to choose which accessories to use. For instance, you can use a solar fence charger, choose different sorts of wire ranging from aluminum to polytape, and insulators if your fence post isn’t already insulated.

When setting your fence up for groundhogs, you want to use one wire and place the first wire at 4 inches. Remember that Groundhogs can jump over and tunnel below the fences, so keep that in mind when setting your fence up.


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