Electric Fence for Gardens and Pond Protection

Garden fencing

Tired of raccoons and birds making your pond their nightly dinner spot? Electric fencing can be a great solution, when trying to deter these nuisance animals and protect your prize Koi, Oscars, or other pond dwellers.

Electric Fence Kits

If raccoons, cats, or other critters are your problem and you do not have access to an AC power source, we recommend using a DC or solar powered energizer. If you have access to AC power, we recommend our Above Ground AC Fence Kit or one of our AC energizers.

Simply set up posts (30-Inch Posts) around your pond, with several strands of wire, and a grounding system and you will be able to repel these pesky critters. Be sure to start wire strands at nose level of the animal you’re a trying to exclude.

If birds are your issue or you have high ledges around your pond, you may also need to use electric netting or stretch several strands of wire across your pond. This will deter the birds from landing in the middle of the pond and feasting on your fish.


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