Squirrels might seem like the worst nuisance preventing you from achieving the perfect garden that you want. These animals can chew up your plants, eat your fruit and vegetables, and hog the bird seed that you place outside for other wildlife. You may also find holes dug up around your yard from these critters.

Signs that indicate squirrels might be the animals causing the damage:

  • Shallow digging
  • Golf-size or smaller sized holes
  • Bite marks or missing fruits
  • Missing plants
  • Nibbled seedheads
  • Container digging
  • Partially eaten flowers
  • Attacked bird feeders

One of the most efficient ways to keep your garden safe from squirrels and make sure your fruits and vegetables last to last their season is using a gardening electric fence kit.

Keeping Squirrels Out and Keeping Your Plants Safe

It’s important to know what animals are disturbing your garden before you take any action. Once you’re positive that squirrels are invading your garden, you can invest in a fence that will keep the animal out.

Fencing requires a lot of components to work together. Zareba® Systems offer complete lawn and garden fence kits that are affordable and effective fencing options. This fencing is specifically designed for small animals, giving them gentle shocks when they try to breach the perimeter. It also conditions them not to return. This kit can cover a 625-square-foot area using one strand. By adding more kits, you can extend the chargers range up to one mile. They include all necessary parts — fence charger, wire, plastic posts, and connectors — to get your fence working correctly and quickly.

When putting up a fence for squirrels, it’s best to use 3-5 wires, spacing them out about 4 inches after starting the first wire at 4 inches. Because squirrels can jump from branches and other objects that allow them to go above the fencing, you’ve got to trim branches and move any platforms near the fence.


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