Skunks are animals that can enter your garden at night searching for insects and other small animals for dinner. Unless there are plants close to the ground and easily accessible, rarely will skunk go directly after your plants. However, while digging for insects or other small animals, skunks can cause some damage or disturbances to your garden. Some obvious signs that skunks are in your garden during the night are:

  • Distinct holes 3-4 inches deep
  • Pungent smell
  • Missing fruit that hangs closer to the ground
  • The emphasis of berries missing from your garden

To make sure that your garden stays free of these nighttime critters, you can implement an electric gardening fence that will deliver a small shock that won’t hurt the animal but deter it away.

Fencing Your Garden Against Skunks

To set up and assemble your fence, we recommend using our Zareba® Garden Electric Fence Kit. It includes everything that you need to set up easily and quickly. Each kit contains:

  • AC Fence Charger
  • Reel of electric fence wire
  • Step-in Insulated Fence Posts
  • Ground Rod
  • Hookup Wire

If you want to build your fence without the kit, you’ll need to purchase the same items. This can allow you to choose which accessories to use. For instance, you can use a solar fence charger, choose different sorts of wire ranging from aluminum to polytape, and insulators if your fence post isn’t already insulated.

When setting up a fence for keeping these critters away, you should set up 3-4 wires starting about 4 inches off the ground. Remember that skunks often stay close to the ground, so when you set up your fence, make sure there isn’t room for the skunks to crawl under the fence and into your garden.


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